Music NFT
“Claire de Lune” (Edition of 15)
SOLD! 1.8 ETH in sales on my first NFT collection offering on OpenSea!

Today marks a new era for my art and the way in which the public engages with the medium.

Many of you may have heard about the NFT (Non Fungible Token) craze, ravaging the art market and its famous auction houses, as artists, musicians creators and crypto-collectors scramble to muscle in on the action.

When I started my creative enterprise CONTRAPUNTAL 13 years ago, the core of my mission was to experiment, collaborate and harness the transformative power of art, using technology as a tool (not the end means), to ignite and drive social change, and human healing in society and the environment.

We live in incredibly fluid and connected times, and yet the information super highway empowers and bewilders us simultaneously. I feel today I have successfully used the power of tech to empower my creative journey.

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DESCRIPTION: Claire de Lune is a miniature song for solo fortepiano and string quartet, conceived during a deep meditation with the flowers at Jardin des Plantes one sunny summer’s afternoon in Paris, 2013.

The Jardin des Plantes was founded in 1626, and is part of the Muséum national d’Histoire in France. This great institution is committed to scientific research and the sharing of knowledge. It is the intersection of the Arts and Sciences which is of particular interest to the artist, inspiring this initial NFT collection offering.

Claire de Lune is an exclusive unreleased original digital recording of the composition, produced by contrapuntal, from the private archives of the artist. The artist hopes to promote the philosophy of collaboration and research to break across all borders in the world.

ARTIST: Benjamin Skepper

TITLE: Claire de Lune


PRODUCTION: contrapuntal

YEAR: 2013

TOTAL NUMBER AVAILABLE: 15, as part of the collection (in no particular order of significance)

Image credit: Photo taken at the Botanical Gardens in Paris, by the Artist, on the day of composition.