Benjamin Skepper, a Melbourne-born multi-instrumentalist, combines classical aesthetics with contemporary art, science, technology, and the avant-garde. Celebrated for his ability to weave through musical boundaries and artistic expressions, Skepper has received international acclaim for his comprehensive body of work.


Starting his musical journey as a piano prodigy at age two, Skepper embraced numerous art forms from an early age, including ballet, singing, harpsichord, and further studies in the violoncello. From his first international tour at 10, Skepper’s passion for travel and cross-cultural exchange has landed him all over the world. His practice embraces experimental approaches to classical composition, sound design, and multi art form practice. His passion and truly diverse skill-set allow him to find new connections between distinct practices. 


While pursuing a successful music career, Skepper also obtained an Arts/Law degree from the University of Melbourne. A dedicated human rights advocate and solicitor, he voluntarily supports NGOs, community arts organisations and charities, reaffirming his strong belief in the transformative power of art for social change, inclusion and healing.


As both a cultural producer and director, Skepper founded contrapuntal, an art studio and creative enterprise. Through this vehicle, he delivers unique, multi-artform installations, collaborating with a variety of clients, from museums and luxury brands to government agencies. Under the umbrella of contrapuntal, he has also launched his independent music label, which, to date, boasts six self-produced solo releases.


Benjamin is an innovative thinker, seeking to integrate scientific breakthroughs within his creative practice. He’s particularly interested in how music and sound influence human experiences, and has ventured into the world of genetics and neuroscience, particularly in the context of music and healing. His projects have received substantial commissions and recognition, representing a unique cross-disciplinary approach to art, tech and science.


Additionally, as an author, Benjamin communicates his vivid ideas on art, innovation, and sustainable futures, most recently through his book ‘Artist Thinking.’ A compelling writer and performer, he is frequently featured across a range of media outlets, and embraces every opportunity to influence positive social transformation through his art.


“Embodying classical aesthetic, music and culture, Benjamin Skepper is a musician with an extraordinary sense of the contemporary” (Rolling Stone Italy)