For Our Freedom Music Video 2021: Ten years post Tohoku Disaster


10 years on since the Tohoku Disaster

“For Our Freedom”
Composed by Benjamin Skepper
contrapuntal 003 (Released 2012)

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Shot on location at Imaizumi Tenmangu Shrine (enshrined 540 years ago) in Rikuzen-takata city, Iwate, Japan February 2021 in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear disaster.

The Tohoku 3/11 disaster unequivocally teaches us about the importance of environmental sustainability and living in harmony with nature, human rights protection, the need for real community building through proper consultation.

It is time to harness the transformative power of art, culture, science and technology so we can start living the social change we all desire. We are presently producing a documentary series titled OUR STORY by BENJAMIN SKEPPER, which will include interviews recorded in Iwate, to provide a sharper focus into the making of the project and the true wishes of the local people who remain displaced 10 years on.

By inspiring innovation, provoking human consciousness and galvanizing humanity, we shift social paradigms and create waves of positive social impact around the world.

Producer and Director Benjamin Skepper contrapuntal
Video Teppei Sasaki and Manabu Tanaka
Director of Photography Hidemi Ogata
Sound Recording Casey Miyamoto
Assistant Engineering Kohji Fujita
Mastering Naomune Anzai
On Location Sound System MMU
Production Support HARTI Inc

Special Thanks to My family, Katsutoshi Tadokoro, Araki and Imaizumi Tenmangu Shrine, my incredible team, and all my fans and supporters around the world who have enabled my journey so far.