Praeludium & Fuga World Premiere @ Moscow Conservatory 2019

Praeludium & Fuga
World Premiere at Rachmaninov Hall
Moscow State Conservatory
5 October 2019


(Russian Media Release below)

In mid 2018, Australian-Japanese musician and artist Benjamin Skepper was invited by the Moscow Conservatory to direct and perform in the first ever new media live performance of original works at Russia’s leading music education institution. Classically trained since 2 years of age, Skepper’s intent with this conceptual project is to bring the praxis of art, science + technology, and classical music, into a modern and more edgy context.

Presented by IntervalsFest and contrapuntal, Praeludium & Fuga was created in collaboration with radugadesign studio as a site specific installation at Rachmaninov Hall. Skepper’s musical performance comprises electro-acoustic works for electric cello, piano, electronics and field recordings. It is based on concepts developed for commissions from Melbourne Science Gallery (2017) and the National Gallery of Australia (2019), as Skepper continues to explore the human body as a musical instrument through sonification of the human heart.

The ground breaking collaboration with leading Russian design and media firm radugadesign, aimed to transform the classical architecture of Rachmaninov Hall into an experimental art space, exploring the interplay of light and shadow. The performance brings contemporary new media performance values into a classical and institutional academic context, with the intent to create a totally immersive environment.

Praeludium & Fuga was performed to a sell out audience in Russia, and the project is available for commissions in 2020. Please contact us for details.

Produced by contrapuntal and Intervals Fest
Technical Partners: Yamaha Music Russia + Dreamlaser
Special thanks to Ksusha Chekovskaya and Mikhail Kabatov, and patrons of the Australian Cultural Fund.

Creative Producer: Ksusha Chekovskaya
Creative Director: Mikhail Kabatov
Producer: Evgeniy Pererva
Light Concept: Egor Shalgin
Light Designer: Vitaly Podmoskovny
Technical support: Alexander Ivanov, Alexander Pettai


Intervals Fest и «Сontrapuntal» представляют мировую премьеру мультимедийного концерта австрало-японского музыканта и художника Benjamin Skepper – «Prelude & fuga».

Перформанс создан в сотрудничестве со студией Radugadesign специально для Рахманиновского зала Московской государственной консерватории имени П.И. Чайковского.

Музыкальное выступление Скеппера, построенное на концепциях, разработанных для Научной галереи Мельбурна (2017 г.) и Национальной галереи Австралии (2019 г.), состоит из электроакустических произведений для электровиолончели и фортепиано. Radugadesign превратит классическую архитектуру Рахманиновского зала в поле для экспериментов со светом и тенью и перенесет близкий современному зрителю мультимедиа–перформанс в академическую среду.