Exhibition: Requiem d’une Marionette @ Tadao Ando’s Myonichikan 2009

“Requiem d’une Marionette”

Curated, Creatively Directed and Produced
by Benjamin Skepper
House of Tomorrow by Tadao Ando | Frank Llloyd Wright

About the Exhibition

A cross-collaborative exhibition of music, fashion, millinery, photography, video and graphic art, “requiem d’une marionette” was presented at Frank Lloyd Wright | Tadao Ando’s  “House of Tomorrow” in Tokyo.

The music from Skepper’s first solo album “eika 詠歌” inspired a fashion collection by Japanese couturier Michiko Suzuki, a collection of couture hats by Australian milliner Rachel Skepper, a video artwork by Hisanori Furukawa (acclaimed lighting director for cult film director Akira Kurosawa), photography by renowned English photographer David Stetson and graphic artwork for Skepper’s vinyl LP release by art director Ito Keiji of Unidentified Flying Graphics.

Eika 詠歌 Album Release and Cover Art by Keiji Ito (UFG)

Skepper’s Debut Solo Album

Keiji Ito of Unidentified Flying Graphics (UFG) designed and directed the artwork for the 12” record jacket cover for Eika 詠歌. The artwork represents a symbiosis of music and graphic design. Ito created the collage in direct response to the music of Eika 詠歌 culminating in a visual reflection of sound. This collaboration was to solidify an ongoing partnership between the two artists.

“aria sinai” creation

aria sinai, composition No.2 for 8 violoncellos from the album “eika 詠歌”
couture dress hand sewn and painted by Michiko Suzuki (silk and tulle) and
couture head piece by Rachel Skepper (pure crystal chards, silk and French lace)
Model Jeanette Liberte Igawa

Requiem d’une marionette Musical Programme

Harpsichord and Violoncello performed by Benjamin Skepper
All music composed and arranged by Benjamin Skepper

Composition List

“Marionette” for violoncello
“Aria” excerpt from The Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach for harpsichord
“La. Folia” for viol de gamba by Marin Marais, arranged for harpsichord
“lullaby to rythme” for harpsichord
“momo-chan” for harpsichord and violoncello
“Aria Sinai” for violoncello
“Sori” for violoncello