Eika 詠歌



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Released by contrapuntal records, “eika 詠歌” is Skepper’s debut solo album composed and recorded in Tokyo. The album is a culmination of Skepper’s exploration of “looping” and “sampling” techniques drawn from his experience with techno and hip-hop production and performance.

Conceived for violoncello, the layering of violoncello melodies or samples, are multi-tracked to create a full orchestral sound.

Originally released on 12” vinyl record, the music inspired a cross-collaboration between graphic art director Ito Keiji, couturier Michiko Suzuki, milliner Rachel Skepper, photographer David Stetson and cameraman Hisanori Furukawa (Akira Kurosawa). This resulted in an Exhibition “requiem d’une marionette”, presented at The House of Tomorrow by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Tokyo. The album was also released at this exhibition.

The artwork collaboration with graphic art director Ito Keiji of Unidentified Flying Graphics (UFG) also represents an ongoing collaboration between the artists.

“Sonata for Sonic Network No. 2” is a musical composition commissioned by The Arts Centre Victoria (Australia), in response to John Aslanidis’ visual artwork Sonic Network No. 2. The composition became part of a multichannel sound installation at an exhibition titled Sight and Sound: Music and Abstraction in Australian Art. See individual track listing for more information.

℗ & © 2009 contrapuntal and Benjmain Skepper
All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.
contrapuntal 001

Special thanks to my amazing family for believing in my creative vision, Jeanette May (Pompadour Liberte) and all the animals in Taradale, Colin, Jessi (a.k.a. pinky), Rachel Norie, Gabriela, Michiko Suzuki, Yohji Yamamoto, Takashi Ashizawa, Mai Fujinoya, Keiji Ito, Takamitsu Hatta, Olivia Lufkin, the analogue tribe, all my wonderful friends around the world, and my obaachan, Akie Igawa, to whom this album is dedicated.


Released 23 September 2009
Composed and Performed by Benjamin Skepper
Co Produced by Benjamin Skepper and Mai Fujinoya
Recorded by Yamp Kolt at Kupuland Studios Shinjuku Tokyo
Mastered by Yamp Kolt at Kupuland Studios Shinjuku Tokyo
Art direction and Artwork by Keiji Ito (UFG)
Design by Takamitsu Hatta (UFG)