H&M x Simone Rocha 2021

H&M x Simone Rocha
Luxury Immersive Art + Fashion Experience
Event + Art Director

including a
New Audiovisual Artwork Commission “Tear Drops”

9 March 2021
Kudan House Tokyo

We secured this commission after successfully pitching an idea for an exclusive and immersive luxury art/shopping experience for H&Ms annual high fashion collaboration with coveted Irish designer Simone Rocha. The essence of the event was to redefine “luxury” through an “immersive art experience”. 

With an A-list of Japanese celebrities, media and influencers, contrapuntal by Benjamin Skepper not only secured a heritage listed exclusive venue, managed logistics and total event operations, our trademark curation included programming an immersive art experience driven by a cutting edge audio visual sound installation, visual art, floral installation and exclusive designed art champagne, to create a totally unique event proposition for client and patrons.

With compliance a key factor, we were able to execute a responsible event during the strongest covid pandemic lockdown in Japan, where H&M global had prohibited all events globally, except for this one special showcase in Tokyo.

Working closely with multiple departments within H&M, we devised a creative layout across the 4 storey Spanish Mansion and heritage listed Kudan House.

With the core idea to generate consumer sales through an ultimate experience of immersive audio visual art, we also secured Pommery Champagne as a project partner featuring their POP series of Brut and Rose champagnes, to elevate the luxury shopping experience.

Benjamin Skepper, the artist, was also commissioned to produce an original audio visual art installation inspired by Simone Rocha’s collection, as the first point of audience reference and connection into the space, as they were guided into a totally new style of luxury shopping + art experience.


“LIGHT DROPS: 光りのしずく”

Fashion and Art are inseparable mediums, constantly referencing and influencing each other in the conception and creation of ideas. My installation “Light Drops” seeks to connect to Simone Rocha’s essence driving her creativity, and the messages she invokes through her design aesthetic. Unity. Diversity. Respect. Beauty. Transience. I have sampled my own human heart beat as a reference to what I see as a unified humanity. There are no barriers, we are ONE.

Through my ethereal musical composition evoking vast natural landscapes, and generative light installation which flashes in sync with my human heart beat, I hope to inspire a moment of self reflection and pure joy: a personal, interactive and immersive experience to gently invite you into a new way to experience shopping a luxury collection.


SOUND DESIGN: Benjamin Skepper