Album: In The Field 2014

By Benjamin Skepper

contrapuntal records 004

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Benjamin Skepper’s fourth Solo album “IN THE FIELD” is a culmination of field recordings captured by the artist over the past six years of world travel.
Starkly different to his previous three solo releases, Skepper has recorded and collated a vast library of field recordings and sound files recorded during his voyages around the globe. A sound track of the world, this album takes us on a journey through Japan, Turkey, Italy, Australia and France. Each “sound trip” features up to 15 individual field recordings remixed and re-sampled, drawing on the artist’s critical compositional ability and deep exploration of the intersections between sound and music.

℗ & © 2013 contrapuntal and Benjamin Skepper
All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.
contrapuntal 004

special thanks to:
my family, Jessica and Jeanette, gate keeper and master milliner Rachel Skepper, Colin, Mr. Tadokoro, Keiji Ito, Takamitsu Hatta, Akira Kubota, Sergio Chiarandini, Di Paolo Piero, Flora Gomez, Tristan Lecomte, Caroline Thomas, Aysu Cogur, Frederic Boux, Fabrizio Caracciolo di Brienza, Yumi Nishikawa, Aki Narushima, Toshiaki Yokozawa, Katsutoshi Soeno.
This album is dedicated to Jesse James.



  • Released 28 September 2013
  • Composed and Produced by Benjamin Skepper
  • Recorded by Benjamin Skepper in Japan, Turkey, Italy, France and Australia
  • Engineered and Mastered by Yasuho Matsubara
  • Art direction and Artwork by Keiji Ito (UFG)
  • Design by Takamitsu Hatta (UFG)