Installation: Tokyo Design Trade Fair Rooms22 2010


Curated by Rooms and PR01
TOKYO 2011
Rooms 22 Fashion and Design Trade Fair
Yoyogi National Sports Stadium

SOUND INSTALLATION: 3 x 10 hour live performances over 3 days

Conceptual Architectural Installation

A 200m2 structure of recycled metal scaffolding was erected to create a spatial skeleton, a performance installation space and stage, removing the walls or “barriers” of a museum or traditional music venue. The intent of this open space installation being to invite the audience to interact and engage with the artist and the artists’ space, challenging notions of the separation between audience and artist.

The Yoyogi National Sports Stadium inspired the industrial aesthetic, highlighting the extremes of Tokyo city and life: inclusive and alienating, high-tech to the traditional, elegant and beautiful to the industrial wasteland and decay.



“Connect … reflecting on the theme of the Rooms Trade Fair, there are two synergies: firstly, electronic looping and sampling, layering melodies and sound samples to create architectural sound-scapes; secondly, a personal journey to bridge eastern and western culture and art, connecting Japan and its creators and the world.”




Supported by:

Taguchi | Rachel Skepper Millinery | Akira Kvbota | Florence Broadhurst | Hiranya Access | Taguchi | UFG | Torinaga Projects | WhiteLight | Yoshimi Floristry | Munetaka Miyanomae Photography | contrapuntal