27 February 2016
St Stephens Church
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

TECTONIC 1.0 launched in Melbourne from St Stephens Anglican Church in Richmond, an architectural masterpiece considered Victoria’s earliest bluestone church constructed in the English Gothic tradition during the gold rush era of the 1850’s.

Produced by contrapuntal, TECTONIC draws inspiration from its founder, Benjamin Skepper, and his global body of site specific work in rare and historical locations: Shinto shrines, cathedrals, palaces, mediaeval clock towers, museums, industrial work sites, burial grounds and abandoned Tsarist war barracks.


TECTONIC is envisaged as a global series of nomadic and site specific hybrid art installations set in sacred and rare architectural locations (land, air, sea and outer space). Religious and unorthodox spaces are desired transitory homes for TECTONIC, recasting how audiences and art itself interacts with space, place and environment. Sound, new media, science and technology are the creative pulse, and the sonic and visual curation of live music, multi media performances and art exhibitions, seeks to invigorate our thoughts about innovation, identity and human diversity.

The notion of site-specific art installations by their nature demands a rigorous physical process of building from the ground up. Rules, regulations and religious rites all govern the creative use of a given space. TECTONIC, meaning “to build”, seeks to illuminate these unseen installation processes and to open the way for new relationships and ways in which to interact with architecture and religious spaces. In doing so, TECTONIC also represents a complementary platform for the delivery of cutting edge artistic projects, beyond the confines of conventional and organised structures.

TECTONIC is now seeking its second home
Please contact us at contact@benjaminskepper.com

Supported by

Group Technologies
Heron Towers Beverages
Rachel Skepper Millinery


Sound Track

“Music Against War” (Live Recording)
Release forthcoming
Composed by Benjamin Skepper for cello, piano, toy piano, record player, and electronics

Sputnik Beep Field Recording from NASA historical sounds archive
Pipe Organ

Video shot in 4K Ultra HD

Multi Channel Sound System Australian Premiere of new NEXO ID Super Compact series  (FOH and Fx systems)

℗ & © 2016 contrapuntal and Benjamin Skepper

Benjamin Skepper (Producer, Art Director, Performer, Sound Engineer and Video Editor)

Tomoya Kishimoto (Visual Projections and Videographer)
Kohji Fujita (Sound and Recording Engineer)
Rose Staff (Videographer, Photographer and Video Editor)
Vijay Thillaimuthu (Lighting Design)
Drew Menard (Sound Design)
Paul Mossop (Sound Tech)

Jessica Skepper (Viola and Bone Art Installation)
Lily Falconer (Violin)
Kirri Buchler (Violin)

Benjamin Skepper performs live on piano, pipe organ, toy piano, square piano, electric cello, temple bells, record player, field recordings, loop machine and theremin.

Special Thanks to Father Denis of St Stephens Church for his generous support and flexibility in ensuring the success of the launch of TECTONIC.